Real Stars Love Fake Teeth: Celebs You Never Thought Would Wear Dentures in Benson, NC

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For Hollywood stars and some other celebrities, the smile always goes a long way. It should be perfect enough for them to shine in their career and gain favor in the public as well. It’s not a surprise that most of them have undergone cosmetic dentistry to upgrade their smiles. However, there are those who opted for dentures to restore their teeth.

Dentures are dental appliances that are removable which serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Tooth loss can be common to celebrities since they are more exposed to do physical activities like shooting for an action film; while this might be one of the reasons, losing a tooth can also be caused by injury or tooth decay. Replacing lost tooth with Dentures at Axiom Dentistry will restore the appearance of the smile. Moreover, it will be easier for the teeth to function as dentures improve speaking and chewing abilities.




One significant reason why many celebs invest in dentures is the fact that when a person starts to lose their teeth, the facial muscles begin to sag! Well, celebrities hate “aging, ” don’t they?

So, let’s get straight. Here is the list of celebrities who wear dentures!

Emma Watson. Okay, don’t freak out! Calm yourself and listen to this. Emma Watson doesn’t wear dentures currently. But before, during the era of “Harry Potter,” she lost some of her baby teeth. To cover these up, she was asked to wear the appliance.

Ben Affleck. The secret of the American actor’s set of pearly-whites is actually veneers. However, it was rumored before that he wore dentures to conceal his imperfect teeth.

Janice Dickinson. The former judge of America’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson used to have false teeth. In fact, she even lost two of these while dining in a sophisticated restaurant in Sant Ambroeus!

Today, dentures are becoming more like natural teeth, that is why it is even harder to tell which teeth are fake and which are not!


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