Emergency Dental Services in Raleigh NC: 5 Emergencies to Never Ignore

Acting quick is important after a dental emergency. By seeking emergency dental services in Raleigh NC, you're able to remedy any problem before it gets worse.

About 13% of children have untreated dental caries. The rate of adults with untreated dental caries almost doubles, though. Leaving a dental issue untreated could lead to a serious problem.

It's important to act quickly after a dental emergency. Otherwise, the problem could only get worse. You might need to remove a tooth to keep the decay from spreading.

What counts as a dental emergency? Here are five reasons to seek emergency dental services in Raleigh, NC right away.

Learning how to identify an emergency now could prepare you for the future. You could make a smarter decision for your oral health as a result. Seek care right away if you encounter one of these common dental emergencies!

1. Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess develops when bacteria cause a pocket of pus to build against a tooth. The abscess can eventually reach the top of a tooth's root. You could develop a periapical abscess as a result.

If you delay treating a dental cavity, a periapical tooth abscess could form. You might also develop a tooth abscess due to:

When left untreated, a tooth abscess can become extremely painful. It might also pose a risk of descending into your deep neck space. In some cases, it can ascend into intracranial sinuses, too.

The prognosis for leaving a dental abscess untreated is poor. Your mortality rate could increase to 40% if you develop mediastinitis from descending infection. If your airway is compromised, you might need intubation.

Ascending infections could spread to the brain, increasing the mortality rate.

Symptoms of a tooth abscess can include:

If these symptoms sound familiar, consider requesting emergency dental services in Raleigh, NC. Your dentist might recommend draining the abscess to remove the infection. Root canal treatment is a common solution, too.

Otherwise, your dentist might need to remove the tooth. 

2. Severe Toothache

There are a few reasons why you might develop a severe toothache. For example, a toothache might indicate:

Tooth pain can feel either sharp and sudden or dull and constant. Toothaches occur when the nerve in the tooth's root becomes irritated. Common causes of dental pain include injury, infection, or decay.

Bacteria in your mouth might cause dental decay or gum disease, too.

Inflammation to the central portion of your tooth (the pulp) might develop as a result.

Other symptoms might include:

In most cases, you can prevent toothaches by brushing and flossing daily. It's also important to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. Your dentist can use fluoride and sealants to protect your teeth. 

If these symptoms sound familiar, don't neglect the importance of emergency dental visits. Your dentist can determine what's causing your toothache. They can take action before decay, infection, or disease spreads.

3. Broken Tooth

A broken or fractured tooth is usually considered a cosmetic concern. However, the crack might expose your tooth roots. Bacteria might enter the tooth as a result.

If you recently broke or cracked a tooth, consider requesting emergency dental services in Raleigh, NC. Your dentist can assess the damage. They'll determine the best course of action.

For example, they might reattach the broken piece of enamel using dental bonding. They might suggest placing a crown as well.

If you crack a tooth, make sure to save any pieces you find. Rinse your mouth and the piece using warm water as well.

If you experience pain or swelling, apply a cold compress to the side of your face while you wait to see the dentist. 

Seeking treatment right away can help alleviate your pain. At the same time, it could protect the tooth from a serious infection. Immediate treatment could help you avoid losing the tooth.

Try to avoid chewing on non-food items (like pen caps) to avoid cracking a tooth. 

4. Gum Abscess

Pus can develop on the gums, causing a gum abscess. Symptoms include:

You could taste pus in your mouth. You might feel tenderness or pain as well. If these symptoms sound familiar, request emergency dental services in Raleigh, NC right away.

A gum abscess can develop as an infection builds between your gums and teeth. Bacteria can build, which could weaken your immune system. Your body might struggle to fight off infections as a result.

Your dentist can order an X-ray to check for periodontal disease or another infection.

In the meantime, keep up with your oral hygiene routine. Good oral hygiene could help you avoid an abscess. 

5. Avulsed Tooth

An avulsed tooth is also called a knocked-out tooth. If you knock out a tooth, keep it moist. Then, visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

It's important to seek immediate care if you knock out a tooth. Try to reach your emergency dentist within 30 minutes of the accident. 

Make sure to avoid touching the tooth roots.

In the meantime, make sure to wear a mouthguard while playing sports. 

Request Care: 5 Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Services in Raleigh, NC

Do any of these common dental emergencies sound familiar? Make sure to request emergency dental services in Raleigh, NC right away. Reacting immediately can help minimize the damage. 

Make sure to save your emergency dentist's number on your phone.

Need to schedule an appointment right away? We can help. Contact us today to get started.

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