The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dentists in Raleigh, NC

Are you looking for the right dentist to take care of your oral health? Click here for the ultimate guide to finding the best dentists in Raleigh, NC.

Only 63% of adults in the US have visited a dentist within the past year. If you're skipping appointments, you could put your oral health at risk. You might not realize there's a serious issue until it's too late.

Before that can happen, use this guide to find the best dentists in Raleigh, NC. Finding a new dentist can help you maintain proper oral hygiene for years to come. If there is an issue, your dentist will ensure you begin treatment right away.

Narrow down your dentist options with these tips today. 

Gather Referrals

You could waste valuable time and energy trying to vet every dentist in Raleigh. Instead, you can begin your search with a list of the best dentists by speaking to friends and family members. Determine which dental practice in the area they visit.

Then, learn more about their first-hand encounters with each dentist in Raleigh.

Think about your priorities as you start your search. For example, perhaps you want to find a dentist with decades of experience. Maybe you want to avoid long wait times or an unfriendly dental team.

Make a list of your priorities before you begin speaking with friends and family members. Then, you can prepare a list of questions you want to ask ahead of time. Asking about their dental visits can help you gather helpful information you likely won't find online.

For example, you might consider asking:

If you're not able to create a list of referrals from friends, begin your search online. For example, you can check the American Dental Association website for a list of board-certified dentists in Raleigh. 

Then, use the rest of these tips to narrow down the dentist options on your list. 

Check Their Credentials

Before choosing a dentist, make sure they're board-certified. Checking their credentials can help you feel more comfortable about their professional abilities. For example, you might want to learn more about their:

Confirm that each dentist has graduated from an accredited institution. Check the year they graduated to determine how long they worked in the industry, too. 

There are now over 1,197,000 people working in the US dental industry, with 191,497 practices throughout the country. Some professionals have worked in the industry longer than others, though. With that in mind, take the time to find a new dentist with years of experience helping patients.

However, it's also important to find someone who has continued their education over time. These professionals strive to remain informed about new techniques and practices. They're more likely to use the latest technologies or offer top-of-the-line procedures. 

Make sure their experience aligns with your unique needs, too. For example, perhaps you're looking for a dentist that offers a specific procedure. If that's the case, consider how many times they've performed that procedure over the years. 

Consider how long they've owned and operated their own practice in Raleigh, NC. An experienced team has likely worked out any operational issues (like billing and scheduling). You won't have to worry about delays that could impact your experience as a patient. 

Consider the Location

Determine where each dental practice is located within Raleigh before choosing a dentist. Otherwise, you might not realize they're out of the way until the day of your appointment.

Try to find a practice located near your home, work, or school. You'll have peace of mind knowing the office is nearby if you have a dental emergency.

Look into the practice's operating hours as well. For example, you might need to find a practice that opens early in the morning for business professionals. 

Review Their Services

You can further narrow down your options by looking into the dental services each practice offers. In addition to general dentistry and cleanings, you might also need:

Perhaps you're interested in cosmetic dentistry services like smile makeovers, teeth whitening, veneers, and implants. 

During your consultation appointment, talk to the dentist about your concerns and goals. Then, ask them what dental services they recommend.

They shouldn't push you to choose a specific service. Instead, they should lay out your options and help you weigh the pros and cons of each. Then, they should help you develop a customized treatment plan to ensure you accomplish your goals.

If a dentist only offers cleanings or other general services, keep looking. Find a dentist who offers everything you need under one roof. You'll have peace of mind knowing you can visit the same dentist if your concerns change in the future. 

Read Patient Reviews

You can also learn more about each dentist on your list by reading online reviews. If you find a number of complaints against the dentist, keep looking. Determine if they have any medical malpractice suits filed against them as well.

Instead, look for a local dentist who has a glowing reputation. Their reputation can speak to their ability to meet or even exceed your expectations. 

Schedule a Visit

Choose one of the dentists on your list and schedule a consultation appointment. Then, talk to the dentist about your goals. 

During the appointment, pay attention to how the dentist speaks. Are they friendly? Look around the office and consider the staff, too.

Ask the office about their financing options and determine if they accept your insurance before you leave. 

Afterward, consider your experience. Were you comfortable around the dentist?

Improve Your Oral Health: Find the Best Dentists in Raleigh, NC Today

Finding the best dentists in Raleigh, NC doesn't have to feel complicated. Instead, use these simple tips to narrow down your options for dentists. Then, choose a dentist who will prioritize your dental care by offering the services you need.

With a new dentist, you can improve and maintain your stunning smile for years to come. 

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