Dental Evolution: The History of Mouthguards – Zebulon, NC

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Many people love to play sports whether competitively or as a hobby, it helps people stay fit and healthy for their health and wellness. But accidents or injuries can be unavoidable at times, especially when least expected.

Contact sports are popular nowadays, from boxing, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, and many more. Since it involves bodily contact between athletes, it is possible for them to get hurt. Wearing protectors to certain parts of the body should be performed to prevent any harm from occurring.

At Axiom Dentistry, we provide Mouthguards for athletes or anyone who love to play contact sports for their teeth and oral structures to be protected. Although over the counter mouthguards are available, it is not recommended by dentists since they cannot protect the teeth adequately and can even cause irritations. Our mouthguards are custom-made for each patient to provide better protection for a healthier mouth.




The History of Mouthguards

Mouthguards were first developed thanks to Boxing! In 1800’s boxers used to bite on a piece of wool, wood, tape, or sponge. Clenching the teeth during the fight makes it harder for boxers to focus properly. That is when a British dentist named Woolf Krause created a dental appliance and named it as Gum Shield. It is a strip made of gutta-percha placed over the incisor teeth to prevent lip lacerations.

Phillip Krause, the son of the dentist who created gum shield which also happens to be a dentist and an amateur boxer, improved the work of his father. The improved mouthguard is now reusable and more flexible by using Vella rubber. It worked well for Phillip Krause and also for other boxers.

In the 1940’s many football players were getting facial injuries and teeth damage due to the sport. LA dentist named Rodney Lundquist created better mouthguards by using a transparent acrylic resin that is formed as a splint. It offers a better fitting for both the upper and lower jaw for its proper protection.

Mouthguards since then has evolved to be more comfortable and convenient to wear. ADA or the American Dental Association advice athletes to wear mouthguards during sports. They have even released a list of 29 different sports which makes wearing mouthguards highly essential.


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