Wisdom Tooth: Extract It or Leave It? – Clayton, NC

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People often face a common dental dilemma of leaving the wisdom tooth in place or have it removed instead. Well, it’s our job at Axiom Dentistry to answer it. What we have here are the pros and cons of wisdom tooth extraction. Of course, we welcome patients to undergo a wisdom teeth removal procedure in our clinic, but it is only when they badly need it. For those who are torn between keeping their third molars in place or extracting them away, consider these points below:

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What Are the Advantages of Wisdom Tooth Removal?

By getting rid of wisdom teeth, here are the benefits that patients can get:

Lesser Risks of Future Complications

Extracting the third molar while it is still not formed completely reduces the person’s chance of serious oral problems. The thing about delayed wisdom tooth removal is that it can cause nerve damage, making the patient suffer permanently.

Patients Can Save Money

The abnormal growth of wisdom teeth can cause misalignments. This occurrence will then result in orthodontic issues which require patients for a significant investment compared to an extraction procedure.

Easy Oral Care Routine

Brushing the third molars are tricky. They are seated on the farthest part of the mouth which can be challenging to be reached by a toothbrush. When wisdom teeth are eliminated, cleaning the mouth will be easier. The chance of experiencing gum disease because of the unremoved trapped foods in the deep grooves of the wisdom tooth is lessened as well.

What About the Disadvantages of Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Now that the advantages of having wisdom teeth removed are clear, it’s time to tackle its downsides.

Problems May Also Arise

Wisdom teeth extractions do not always go the way patients want them to be. There will be complications that may take place along the way like excessive bleeding or an infection.

Further Tooth Loss

The third molars are meant to make the chewing function of people more manageable. When they are present in the mouth, the tendency of the other teeth to wear out over time will be reduced. Wisdom teeth extractions, on the other hand, can encourage wear and tear to the normal pearly whites, thereby hastening the need of a person for dental restorations.

Our say is, keeping the real teeth in the mouth is always ideal. But if these structures are not anymore useful, or too damaging to be preserved, then having them removed is the last resort.

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