The Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing – Clayton, NC

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Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, if the condition is detected early, it can be easily treated. However, if not, it could progress to a more severe form called periodontitis and can lead to tooth loss and other health-related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more.

The advanced stage of gum disease can result to bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, loose teeth, receding gums, and eventually fall-out tooth. If this occurs, our dentist at Axiom Dentistry will recommend the patient to undergo a Scaling and Root Planing procedure.

Compared to regular dental cleanings, the procedure cleans the gum line and the roots more thoroughly. Although proper dental hygiene effectively breaks down plaque accumulation, there are chances that tartar build-up might occur and would be very difficult to be removed by merely brushing.


Periodontics Treatment


Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

  • It makes the mouth cleaner by removing the traces of plaque or tartar not only on the surface but also below the gum line and near the roots.
  • It reduces or even eliminates the risk of developing gum disease and tooth loss by removing the primary causes of the complication.
  • The symptoms of gingivitis are eliminated such as red, swollen, irritated, and easily bleeding gums.
  • Prevents the progression of gum disease to its more advanced form by getting rid of the symptoms as early as possible.
  • The procedure can be performed without any pain and discomfort since local anesthesia can be used when necessary.
  • It ensures that the patients will achieve better overall dental health by cleaning the mouth thoroughly thereby getting rid of any harmful substances.
  • The procedure can prevent any dental complications from recurring by making sure that the pockets around each tooth have reattached. It prevents plaque from gaining access underneath the gum area.


Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Want to prevent the occurrence of dental complications like gum disease? Book an appointment with us for Scaling and Root under our Periodontics in Clayton, NC! Axiom Dentistry has a caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your dental treatments for better care and maintenance.