Getting Rid of Teeth Stains Effectively and Safely in Benson, NC

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Some people love to start their day with a cup of coffee or even another one in the afternoon. In the evening, they may also drink a glass or two of red wine. While these substances can do the body well, they can cause harm to oral health in the long run. Besides, the excessive consumption of these liquids will cause the teeth to lose their luster. The teeth may appear solid, but the truth is, they are like the skin or sponge. They contain pores which can gradually trap colors, changing the shade of the enamel.

Fortunately, retaining the shade of the teeth is not that hard anymore. With the presence of various products and brands that promise to whiten the teeth, many are being enticed by it. These products are more affordable, accessible, and convenient. People prefer such as they can easily buy them in either physical or online stores.

However, if we at Axiom Dentistry are asked, we would discourage their use. Although they seem to be favorable, know that anything that is not delivered by a professional is less effective. Besides, since these products follow the one size fits all concept, the trays or strips it comes with may not fit a person’s mouth properly. So, is there a more effective way to get rid of stains? Yes with professional teeth whitening treatment!  Our practice happens to offer Zoom! and Opalescence whitening systems.


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Professional Teeth Whitening: The Advantages

  • Professional teeth whitening products have higher whitening concentration. Over-the-counter (OTC) products cannot exceed the limit of 20% while the ones offered by dentists can have as much as 40%.
  • Dentists will be the ones who control the usage of the product. Due to this, there is no way for patients to overuse these whitening systems.
  • Patients can enjoy long-lasting results without the need for constant touch-ups. As long as they practice proper hygiene and care, a bright, white smile is secured.
  • Patients who use OTC whitening products are at risk of sensitivity and irritation afterward due to the exposure of the soft tissues to whitening agents. With professional treatments, on the other hand, preparations and means to reduce sensitivity are performed.


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