Dental Veneers in Zebulon, NC: The Versatile Smile Enhancer

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People who have stained or discolored teeth are more likely to restrict themselves from smiling, especially when with other people. They would rather do so to avoid being embarrassed if someone notices their smile flaws. Professional teeth whitening can be their best bet; however, not everyone can get favorable results. The treatment can get rid of teeth stains, but not the permanent ones, unfortunately. But there is still hope, thanks to dental veneers!

Veneers are thin, shell-like prostheses made from either composite or porcelain materials. Did you know that aside from giving people beautiful, bright smiles, there are other things where veneers can help? Teeth troubles like slight misalignments, excessive spaces, cracks, and chips are some of the other issues veneers can fix.

To make sure that veneers can cater to the needs of patients effectively, dental professionals custom creates the prosthesis based on the impressions taken. Whether they opt for composite or porcelain materials, the outcome of the veneer is sure to appear as natural as real teeth. Aside from aesthetics, the prostheses can provide additional protection and durability for the teeth. At Axiom Dentistry, apart from the conventional options like porcelain and composite veneers, we also offer a particular brand that is in-demand nowadays – Lumineers.


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Advantages of Veneers

  • In terms of being a restorative approach, veneers are more conservative compared to dental crowns since less enamel reduction is required for their placement. Therefore, more of the natural teeth structures can be preserved.
  • Anyone at any age who are not happy with their smiles can avail of dental veneers.
  • Patients can discuss with the dentist the outcome they are hoping for. Veneers are customizable, so it is possible for them to achieve their dream smiles.
  • There are no special creams and solutions to use for the maintenance of veneers as long as patients are mindful of the oral care products they use like a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste.
  • With the proper care and attention, dental veneers can last for many years.


Disadvantages of Veneers

  • The traditional type of veneers is irreversible due to the reduction of the enamel, but this is no longer much of a concern since newer options require less to no tooth preparation. For example, Lumineers can be placed without the need for enamel reduction.
  • It is possible for veneers to dislodge; that is why patients are highly advised to avoid chewing on something hard.
  • Veneers are not for everyone; for example, people with weak enamel, those who practice poor oral hygiene, bruxism sufferers, patients with severe gum disease, and those with complex teeth misalignments.

Although it is not for everyone, our dental professional at Axiom Dentistry will recommend the best course of action for the patient so that the state of their oral health can be improved.


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