How are you doing beating the summer heat? Are you drinking lots of fluids for refreshment? If you’re health conscious, you probably are sticking to drinking lots of water. However, you may also be reaching for diet sodas and drinks to avoid the sugars, but filling your sweet tooth desires. Diet drinks can be dangerous to your teeth.

Diet sodas contain more acidity than regular sodas. This acidity will dissolve the enamel on your teeth at a faster rate. When you think about soda, you usually consider the amount of sugars that they contain. We all know those sugars can cause cavities, and even weight gain. Did you know that the acids such as phosphoric, citric and tartaric are also common causes of tooth decay in your mouth as well? Diet sodas can cause almost the same degree of dental erosion as regular sodas.

A better refreshing option for you this summer is to stick to water! If you really want a soda, choose root beer. Root beer seems to have the least effect on teeth. Black tea, coffee and milk are tooth-friendly drinks.

If you’re tired of regular water, why not consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your glass of ice water? Grapefruit, lemon or wild orange essential oils give you that yummy citrusy taste without all of the sugar.

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