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Today’s orthodontic treatment offers more types of the appliance than ever before. Patients now have the option to avoid the metal brackets and wires that can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly. There is actually one treatment that stands out to be the perfect choice for most orthodontic patients – Invisalign! Trying to consider the appliance, but too hesitant due to unfamiliarities? Well then, let us at Axiom Dentistry help by sharing some of the must-know facts about the orthodontic treatment.


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Top Invisalign Facts Everyone Should Know

  • For it to work in moving the teeth effectively, the treatment requires the commitment and cooperation of the patient. The recommended time of wearing the appliance, at least 20 to 22 hours, should be followed.
  • What makes Invisalign the ideal orthodontic appliance to both teens and adults – Invisalign eliminates the use of any unsightly metal, the aligner uses a transparent thermoplastic material specifically molded from their teeth.
  • The treatment can be the ideal choice for everyone, but just to make sure, it is best to schedule a consultation with a dentist for their professional opinion.
  • Invisalign clear aligners are removable, but patients are advised to remove it only when necessary. For instance when eating, cleaning, or drinking (other than plain water).
  • Wearing the appliance can cause the patient to ‘talk funny’ or lisp. It is a normal occurrence that would eventually go away as the patient adjusts to the device they wear on their mouth.
  • Wine, coffee, soda, tea, and other beverages with dark colors and acids can cause the aligner to change color. Once this happens, the aligner will become more noticeable instead of virtually invisible. Make sure to limit the consumption of such beverages as much as possible to avoid the removal of the aligner.
  • Compared to the traditional orthodontic appliance, Invisalign patients can experience minor discomfort. The pain felt when first wearing the device will gradually disappear, and there are also no sharp edges present with the aligner.
  • Make sure to use gentle soap instead of toothpaste for it can be too abrasive for the appliance. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush would be the best choice.
  • Make sure to keep the teeth healthy by brushing the teeth before putting the aligners back in after eating. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and care at home is best as well as regular dental visits for checkups and cleaning.


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